Kaushik Chatterjee

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The tendency of bacterial cells to adhere and colonize a material surface leading to biofilm formation is a fundamental challenge underlying many different applications including microbial infections associated with biomedical devices and products. Although, bacterial attachment to surfaces has been extensively studied in the past, the effect of surface(More)
We have developed a chlorine based reactive ion etching process to yield randomly oriented anisotropic nanostructures that render the titanium metal surface 'black' similar to that of black silicon. The surface appears black due to the nanostructures in contrast to the conventional shiny surface of titanium. The nanostructures were found to kill bacteria on(More)
The functionality of stem cells is tightly regulated by cues from the niche, comprising both intrinsic and extrinsic cell signals. Besides chemical and growth factors, biophysical signals are important components of extrinsic signals that dictate the stem cell properties. The materials used in the fabrication of scaffolds provide the chemical cues whereas(More)
Salicylic acid (SA) based biodegradable polyanhydrides (PAHs) are of great interest for drug delivery in a variety of diseases and disorders owing to the multi-utility of SA. There is a need for the design of SA-based PAHs for tunable drug release, optimized for the treatment of different diseases. In this study, we devised a simple strategy for tuning the(More)
A unique strategy for scavenging free radicals in situ on exposure to gamma irradiation in polyethylene (PE) nanocomposites is presented. Blends of ultra-high molecular weight PE and linear low-density PE (PEB) and their nanocomposites with graphene (GPEB) were prepared by melt mixing to develop materials for biomedical implants. The effect of gamma(More)
Steam generator tube integrity is critical for the safety and operability of pressurized water reactors. Any degradation and rupture of tubes can have catastrophic consequences, e.g., release of radioactivity into the atmosphere. Given the risk significance of steam generator tube ruptures, it is necessary to periodically inspect the tubes using(More)
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