Kaushal Kumar

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MOTIVATION The adhesion of microbial pathogens to host cells is mediated by adhesins. Experimental methods used for characterizing adhesins are time-consuming and demand large resources. The availability of specialized software can rapidly aid experimenters in simplifying this problem. We have employed 105 compositional properties and artificial neural(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Rickettsial infections remain under-diagnosed due to lack of diagnostic facilities in developing world. Here we present our experience at National Centre for Disease Control, Delhi, about a serosurvey done in Delhi for rickettsial disease with easy to perform low cost, low expertise Weil Felix test. METHODS On the basis of cut-off(More)
BACKGROUND Global regulatory mechanisms involving chromatin assembly and remodelling in the promoter regions of genes is implicated in eukaryotic transcription control especially for genes subjected to spatial and temporal regulation. The potential to utilise global regulatory mechanisms for controlling gene expression might depend upon the architecture of(More)
A dual mode rare-earth based vanadate material (YVO4: Ho(3+)/Yb(3+)), prepared through ethylene glycol assisted hydrothermal method, demonstrating both downconversion and upconversion, along with systematic investigation of the luminescence spectroscopy within 12-300 K is presented herein. The energy transfer processes have been explored via steady-state(More)
In this paper an area and power efficient design for 1 bit and 8 bit Carry Select Adder (CSLA) has been proposed. Conventional and other CSLAs are designed using a traditional full adder, which has complexity in terms of area and power consumption. So to overcome this problem a new technique is implemented on the CSLA. Moreover the logic gates are designed(More)
Identification of opinion leader is very important in this world of internet because with the identified opinion leaders in any application area such as Knowledge related sites, followers or other individuals can get valuable information more efficiently through direct communication with opinion leader. Internet i.e. WWW (World Wide Web) is the huge and(More)
BACKGROUND Saussurea lappa is one of the popular Ayurvedic herb; costunolide and dehydrocostus lactones are well-known sesquiterpene lactones contained in many plants used as popular herbs, such as S. lappa, and have been considered as potential candidates for the treatment of various types of tumor. OBJECTIVE The present study was used for the(More)
BACKGROUND Pyeloplasty is a widely accepted treatment for ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO). However, the renal function recoverability after pyeloplasty is still a matter of debate. Different parameters have been used to predict renal functional recoverability after corrective surgery, with conflicting results. OBJECTIVES In this study, renal(More)
BACKGROUND Chyluria i.e. passage of chyle in urine, giving it milky appearance, is common in many parts of India but rare in west. Very few case of chyluria in pregnant female has been reported in literature. Persistence of this condition may have deleterious effects on health of child and mother. In the present study 43 cases of chyluria during pregnancy(More)