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OBJECTIVE This retrospective, longitudinal clinical study investigated the longevity up to 20 years of posterior restorations placed with 3 universal composites (Charisma, Herculite XR, Z100) and of anterior restorations placed with 2 universal composites (Charisma, Herculite XR). METHODS Records from 90 patients were retrieved from a private practice(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the occurrence of incidents involving the craniofacial region during Brazilian Professional Soccer League matches. The mechanisms of these incidents and the association between their characteristics and severity were also analyzed. DESIGN Prospective Epidemiology Study. METHODS A total of 113 first division(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study the literature was systematically reviewed to investigate the clinical longevity of anterior composite restorations. DATA Clinical studies investigating the survival of anterior light-cured composite restorations with at least three years of follow-up were screened and main reasons associated with restoration failure were(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to verify the occurrence of dental injuries in professional Brazilian soccer players, the level of knowledge of the teams' medical departments about mouthguards, and the conducts adopted in cases of dental trauma during the match. MATERIAL AND METHODS Closed questionnaires were sent to the physicians in charge of the(More)
This practice-based study investigated the performance of a large set of anterior composite restorations placed by a group of 24 general practices. Based on data from electronic patient files, the longevity of 72,196 composite restorations was analyzed, as placed in 29,855 patients by 47 general dental practitioners between 1996 and 2011. Annual failure(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate prospectively the longevity of ceramic inlay/onlay restorations placed in a web-based practice-based research network and to investigate risk factors associated with restoration failures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data were collected by a practice-based research network called Ceramic Success Analysis (CSA). 5791 inlay/onlay ceramic(More)
Clinical research of restorative materials is confounded by problems of study designs, length of trials, type of information collected, and costs for trials, despite increasing numbers and considerable development of trials during the past 50 years. This opinion paper aims to discuss advantages and disadvantages of different study designs and outcomes for(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to assess the influence of custom-fit mouthguards on the aerobic performance of soccer and futsal players under 17 (U-17). MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty players from 3 Brazilian clubs participated in the study. The athletes' aerobic performance was assessed through the 20-meter shuttle-run test. All athletes performed two tests(More)
Composites resins have become the first choice for direct anterior and posterior restorations. The great popularity is related to their esthetic appearance and reduced need of sound tissue removal as compared with former treatments. Several studies have demonstrated that composite restorations may last long in clinical service. In this review we discuss the(More)
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