Katya V. Petrova

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Investigations were carried out on the activity and the isoenzyme composition of the NAD- and NADP-dependent malatedehydrogenase in the soluble and sedimental proteins of bull spermatozoa. It was found that the activity of the NAD-dependent malatedehydrogenase was higher than the activity of the NADP-dependent one both in the soluble and in the sedimental(More)
The effect of starvation has been investigated on the content of glucose and lipids in the blood plasma, on the level of leucocytes in the peripheral blood and on the concentration of total lipids and glycogen in the liver. It was found that in both species of the voles, starvation within 20-22 hours sharply decreases glucose content and increases lipid(More)
The spectrophotometric method was used to study the rate of chemical reduction of misonidazole and metronidazole by NH4Cl and Zn in the atmosphere of argon and oxygen. Reduction of drugs increased their toxicity for hypoxic and oxygenated E. coli B/r. The reduced metronidazole is a more effective radiosensitizer of hypoxic E. coli B/r than the original(More)
Tested was the effect in vitro of ultra low temperatures on the activity of the acrosomal enzymes--acrosine and acid phosphatase--in the spermatozoa of bulls and rams. The use of spectrophotometric and electrophoretic methods demonstrated the presence of certain differences in the electrophoretic profile of the studied enzymes so far as spermatozoa of bulls(More)