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Effects of different nitrogen sources on the growth and biochemical profile of 10 marine microalgae in batch culture: an evaluation for aquaculture
Abstract Growth responses and biochemical composition were investigated in 10 species of marine microalgae of potential use in aquaculture. The algae were grown in Walne's medium and supplied withExpand
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Marine phytoplankton assays: Effects of detergents
Abstract Environmental impacts of an anionic detergent — sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) — a polyphosphate, and a largely employed commercial detergent powder containing methylene blue activeExpand
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Checklist da classe appendicularia (Chordata: Tunicata) do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
The appendicularians are planktonic tunicates exclusively marine, characterized by the presence of the notochord in the adult stage and the lack of the peribranchial cavity and cloacae. The body isExpand
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Checklist do filo Chaetognatha do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
The species of Chaetognatha, commonly called arrow-worms, are considered one of the most taxonomically isolated animal groups, with obscure phyletic origin. They are deuterostomes of small size,Expand
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Algal growth potential as an indicator of eutrophication degree in coastal areas under sewage disposal influence
Algal growth potential was used to quantify the degree of eutrophication of three coastal regions in São Paulo, Brazil which are subject to sewage disposal. Surface water was collected in PraiaExpand
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Evaluation of produced water toxicity from an oil maritime terminal through Skeletonema costatum toxicity tests
The liquid effluent from an oil maritime terminal, with produced water as the main component, had its toxicity evaluated through toxicity tests with the diatom Skeletonema costatum. Two previouslyExpand
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