Katy Stevens

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Embolectomy by means of the Fogarty catheter is the therapy of choice in the event of acute occlusions of limb arteries. However, less invasive catheter procedures have become established means to perform embolectomies lately. In order to improve the results after using the above mentioned methods, we have developed a new embolectomy procedure. The system(More)
Accelerometers are widely accepted as practical wearable devices capable of measuring and assessing physical activity. These devices may, however, be subject to errors which could impact on their ability to acquire an accurate step count. A limited number of studies have examined the effects of body mass index (BMI) on the accuracy of accelerometers(More)
The normal leakage flow in modern technical heart valve prostheses can be visualized by color-coded Doppler-echocardiography, provided that an adequate ultrasonic image quality can be achieved. Sometimes it may be difficult, however, to distinguish such a normal leakage flow from pathological regurgitation. We therefore mounted new specimens of five(More)
BACKGROUND Precordial ECG electrode positioning was standardised in the early 1940s. However, it has been customary for the V3 to V6 electrodes to be placed under the left breast in women rather than in the correct anatomical positions relating to the 4th and 5th interspaces. For this reason, a comparison between the two approaches to chest electrode(More)
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