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CD95(APO-1 / Fas) ligand (CD95L) gene expression is critically involved in activation-induced T cell apoptosis. We and other have previously shown that HIV-1 Tat which is essential for efficient HIV gene expression sensitizes CD95-mediated apoptosis and up-regulates CD95L expression in T cells. In the present study we have investigated the regulatory(More)
A productive infection of peripheral blood lymphocytes by HIV-1 was severely inhibited by the simultaneous infection of these cells with HIV-2. A similar reciprocal effect on HIV-2 infection was not observed. The extent of virus replication was determined by virus-specific antigen capture assays of the supernatants of the infections. The inhibitory effect(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a broad-range 28S ribosomal DNA quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay for detection of fungal DNA in equine endometrial samples. SAMPLE 12 fungal samples from a clinical diagnostic laboratory and 29 samples obtained from 17 mares. PROCEDURES The qPCR assay was optimized with commercially acquired fungal organisms and validated with samples(More)
BACKGROUND In the oligofructose (OF) model of sepsis-related laminitis (SRL), digital hypothermia ("cryotherapy") initiated before the onset of clinical signs is reported not only to limit lamellar injury, but also to cause marked inhibition of lamellar inflammatory signaling. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES Because hypothermia also has been reported to be(More)
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