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The phenomenology of dysphoric rumination and its consequences for problem solving were explored in 3 studies. In Study 1, self-focused rumination, compared with distraction, led dysphoric participants to rate their own biggest problems as severe and unsolvable and to report a reduced likelihood of actually implementing their solutions. Clues into the(More)
Many workers assume that genetically determined differences in intellectual ability will be influenced little by changes in educational policy or other environmental interventions. Others, however, have suggested that increasing equality of educational opportunity will lead to an increase in the heritability of educational attainment. The resolution of this(More)
Present addresses of 12,752 like-sexed twin pairs born in the period 1915-1960 were identified. A questionnaire, concerning the similarity of pair members, was sent to all individuals. Responses were obtained from 83.7% of the subjects. The zygosity of 207 pairs was established by examination of genetic markers. By using discriminant analysis on the(More)
Scores of occupational status, educational attainment, and IQ were obtained for 507 monozygotic and 575 dizygotic male twin pairs born 1931-1935 and 1944-1960. A multivariate genetic analysis with statistics from different cohorts showed heterogeneity between cohorts, and analyses were performed in four separate cohorts. The only set of results which(More)
MZ twins with spouses and children, altogether 811 subjects, completed the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ). For extraversion (E), neuroticism (N), and lying (L), models including only additive genetic effects fitted well to the observed sex-specific correlations for the various sets of relationships. There was no evidence of sex differences for any(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the prevalence of therapy use in nursing homes in selected countries and to describe the characteristics of nursing home residents who receive therapy. DESIGN and SAMPLING the design of the study is cross-sectional, using Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessments of nursing home residents. The sample includes all nursing home residents in(More)
  • K Berg, Hojat, +19 authors H M Mcmanus
  • 2015
(2011a). A comparison of medical students' self-reported empathy with simulated patients' assessments of the students' empathy. The relationship between physician empathy and disease complications: an empirical study of primary care physicians and their diabetic patients in Parma, Italy. (2007). Relationships between scores on the Jefferson Scale of(More)
Twin studies provide an efficient method for examining the importance of genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of disorders such as epilepsy. Population-based twin registries are especially valuable for studies of this type since effects of reporting and self-selection biases on the resulting data are minimized. Among 14,352 twin pairs contained(More)
We investigated the prevalence and phenomenology of repetitive behavior in genetic syndromes to detail profiles of behavior. The Repetitive Behaviour Questionnaire (RBQ) provides fine-grained identification of repetitive behaviors. The RBQ was employed to examine repetitive behavior in Angelman (N = 104), Cornelia de Lange (N = 101), Cri-du-Chat (N = 58),(More)
Autism spectrum disorder characteristics have not been evaluated in Cornelia de Lange and Cri du Chat syndromes using robust assessments. The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule and Social Communication Questionnaire were administered to 34 participants with Cornelia de Lange syndrome and a comparison group of 23 participants with Cri du Chat syndrome (M(More)