Katuhiko Noda

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The membrane potential of frog sartorius muscle fibers in a Cl- and Na-free Ringer's solution when sucrose replaces NaCl is about the same as that in normal Ringer's solution. The K(+) efflux is also about the same in the two solutions but muscles lose K and PO(4) in sucrose Ringer's solutions. The membrane potential in sucrose Ringer's solution is equal to(More)
To test the possibility that micromolar formaldehyde, a metabolite of methanol derived from aspartame, exerts cytotoxicity, its effect on rat thymocytes was examined under the in vitro condition using a flow cytometer. Incubation of thymocytes with formaldehyde at 100 micro M or more for 24 h significantly increased the populations of shrunken cells and(More)