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We describe a variety of interrelated decisions made during daily operations at a container terminal. The ultimate goal of these decisions is to minimize the berthing time of vessels, the resources needed for handling the workload, the waiting time of customer trucks, and the congestion on the roads and at the storage blocks and docks inside the terminal;(More)
Container terminals are essential intermodal interfaces in the global transportation network. Efficient container handling at terminals is important in reducing transportation costs and keeping shipping schedules. In this paper, we study the storage space allocation problem in the storage yards of terminals. This problem is related to all the resources in(More)
One of the motivating factors behind the development of the theories of probability and statistics is to obtain good forecasts for future values of random variables that appear in many applications. Managers in industry and business depend heavily on good forecasts of product demand. History shows many examples of Þrms beneÞting from accurate forecasts and(More)
In this paper we briefly review the importance of LP (linear programming), and Dantzig's main contributions to OR (Operations Research), mathematics, and computer science. In [11, 3] gravitational methods for LP have been introduced. Several versions exist. The three main versions discussed there use a ball of (a): 0 radius, (b): small positive radius, and(More)