Katsuyuki Tanaka

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UNLABELLED NF-κB is a family of transcription factors that regulate gene expression involved in many processes, such as the inflammatory response and cancer progression. Little is known about associations of NF-κB with the human papillomavirus (HPV) life cycle. We have developed a tissue culture system to conditionally induce E1-dependent replication of the(More)
Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are the primary causal agents for development of cervical cancer, and deregulated expression of two viral oncogenes E6 and E7 is considered to contribute to disease initiation. Recently, we have demonstrated that transduction of oncogenic HRAS (HRAS(G12V)) and MYC together with HPV16 E6E7 is sufficient for tumorigenic(More)
A one-hand drive wheelchair with power assist mechanism is developed. We propose a manipulation mechanism with a triple ring and three assist functions, which are power assist function, the maximum velocity limiting function on the downward slope, the reverse prevention function on the upward slope. These functions reduce the physical load of user and(More)
We have proposed a one hand drive wheelchair with the original manipulation mechanism and the power assist mechanism. Recently, we have developed a new type assist unit, which had a new ON/OFF mechanism constructed by link and sliding mechanism, in order to realize the sure assist torque transformation. During assist, this new assist unit surely keeps the(More)
A one hand drive wheelchair with power assist mechanism is developed. In this investigation, we propose a simple and useful manipulation torque detection method which yields wide detection areas with uniform distribution of stress. This method can be applied to a one hand drive wheelchair with complicated structure of manipulation mechanism with three(More)
The aim of our research is to develop a scalable automatic why question answering system for English based on supervised method that uses part of speech analysis. The prior approach consisted in building a why-classifier using function words. This paper investigates the performance of combining supervised data mining methods with various feature selection(More)
In spite of the recent advancements being made in speech recognition, recognition errors are unavoidable in continuous speech recognition. In this paper, we focus on a word-error correction system for continuous speech recognition using confusion networks. Conventional N -gram correction is widely used; however, the performance degrades due to the fact that(More)
In this paper, an assist method for human operation of electric-powered wheelchairs is studied. The purpose of this research is to make powered wheelchairs intelligent and to realize a mobility aid for people, who find it difficult or impossible to drive a conventional wheelchair. On a prototype of our group, a neural network produces an obstacle avoidance(More)
Increased attention has been focused on question answering (QA) technology as next generation search since it improves the usability of information acquisition from web. However, not much research has been conducted on “non-factoid-QA”, especially on Why Question Answering (Why-QA). In this paper, we introduce a machine learning approach to automatically(More)
The high-risk human papillomavirus E6 proteins have been shown to interact with and lead to degradation of PDZ-domain-containing proteins through its carboxy-terminal motif. This PDZ-binding motif plays important roles in transformation of cultured cells and carcinogenesis of E6-transgenic mice. However, its biological effects on the natural host cells have(More)