Katsuyuki Suenaga

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Electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) is widely used to identify elemental compositions of materials studied by microscopy. We demonstrate that the sensitivity and spatial resolution of EELS can be extended to the single-atom limit. A chemical map for gadolinium (Gd) clearly reveals the distribution of Gd atoms inside a single chain of metallofullerene(More)
fluidic applications as well as nanostructured percolation media. The hollow funnels can also serve as ªnanocruciblesº for metal alloy production, which permit the containment and handling of very small amounts of metals. The latter would be of interest to the field of combinatorial synthesis, for instance, as potential micro/nano arrays for solid-state(More)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure for collaboration with regional universities and colleges, and management are discussed. The infrastructure consisted of Moodle servers at each institution, Moodle Lite, backup servers, test servers, a Video On Demand (VOD) server, a video meeting system, and other supporting systems. ICT(More)
Japan This paper introduces an outline of the integrated web site produced from our faculties' project offering such services as statistics education, electronic books, and statistical libraries for computer use with a search engine for statistics, which we are currently developing. Statistics is a basic and cross-disciplinary study that should be applied(More)
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