Katsuyuki Sekii

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BACKGROUND Few studies have investigated the relationship between myocardial tissue Doppler parameters and fetal size adjusted for gestational age and its trend has been controversial. AIMS To investigate fetal cardiac function before birth using tissue Doppler imaging (TDI: indicated by the prime symbol (')) in low-risk term pregnancies by comparing the(More)
BACKGROUND The morbidity and mortality rates due to cardiovascular events such as myocardial infarction are known to exhibit seasonal variations. Moreover, changes in the ambient temperature are reportedly associated with an increase in these events, which may potentially involve blood coagulation markers. Bleeding due to vitamin K deficiency in neonates,(More)
The clinical course of fetal hydrothorax is highly variable between individuals, and its prenatal management varies from waiting and close observation to therapeutic intervention in utero or the termination of pregnancy. To date, the management of fetal hydrothorax has depended on the gestational age, rate of progression, and development of hydrops [1–3],(More)
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