Katsuyuki Okamoto

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Patients with glioma(which constitute 33% of all brain tumor cases) still have a poor prognosis, especially in the case of malignant(anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma). This poor prognosis is related to the fact that malignant glioma cells aggressively infiltrate into normal brain tissues, making total removal of the tumor impossible. The median(More)
A 70-year-old woman was admitted because of depression and abnormal involuntary movements of her left extremities. Six months before the admission, she developed left hemiparesis caused by right thalamic hemorrhage. On neurological examination, she had mild motor and sensory hemiparesis on the left side. She showed recurrent depression each other days with(More)
A case report is presented here. A 33-year-old female who had been medicated with Chinese medicine showed a typical psychomotor status which conformed to all items of Heintel's and Treiman and Delgado-Escueta's diagnostic criteria of psychomotor status. When she was 33 years old in the 34th week of pregnancy on April 11, 1981, she was found to be in an(More)
A case report of psychomotor status was presented. A 51-year-old male caught a cold and had a high fever at the end of September, 1979. On October 7th, he had a visual hallucination followed by a generalized seizure. After hospitalization he went through several fits of automatism. On October 15th, he was seized with automatism status in which the seizures(More)
(1) Org GB94 (Mianserin hydrochloride), a new tetracyclic antidepressant, was administered to 21 patients with depression or with depressive states. (2) Remarkable antidepressive response was obtained with Org GB94 in moderate and mild forms of endogenous, involutional and senile depression. (3) The onset of action of Org GB94 was rapid. (4) Anticholinergic(More)
Two cases with psychomotor status were reported. Case 1 is considered to have been seized with subjective seizure status which lasted 10 hours. Case 2 most likely suffered the typical psychomotor status which satisfies all of Heintel's criteria. The relationship between ictal patterns and EEG recordings was discussed and the classification proposed.
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