Katsuya Ishimatsu

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An advanced coded imaging system is described, and some results of phantom experiments are presented. The advanced method uses a pair of coherent codes (+ 1 and -1 codes) and has many advantages compared with conventional ones. One of the greatest advantages is that there are no sidelobes in the focal plane and only a few in other planes. Therefore, when an(More)
Measurements of dose equivalent rate distribution in a medical microtron facility were done for neutrons and X-rays originated from 14 MV or 8 MV X-ray irradiation by the microtron. Measured data are described with empirical formulas for convenience of quantitative reconstruction of the data. A formula consisting of a simple power function agrees well with(More)
We have developed a production system for 18F-2-deoxy-2-fluoro-D-glucose (18F-2FDG), which assures reliable production with easy handling and reduces radiation exposures to the operator. Chemical procedures in this system are the same as manual method developed in NIRS. This system has 2 operation modes; one is remote controlled manual operation mode and(More)
Absorbed dose rates of photons are measured in the maze of a medical electron accelerator facility. Radiations in the maze include high energy recoiled electrons other than low energy reflected X-rays. An ionization chamber for low energy X-rays is used for measurement, and is put in a build-up cap thick enough to obstruct the recoiled electrons of which(More)
Neutron dose equivalent rates are measured in the irradiation room and the maze of a medical electron accelerator facility. An m-counter used for measurement is associated with a gate circuit to reject piled up signals caused by pulsed X-rays, so that it is possible to measure the neutrons without obstruction by the piled up signals even in the irradiation(More)