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MOTIVATION The modeling of system dynamics of genetic networks, metabolic networks or signal transduction cascades from time-course data is formulated as a reverse-problem. Previous studies focused on the estimation of only network structures, and they were ineffective in inferring a network structure with feedback loops. We previously proposed a method to(More)
The Japan Endocrine Society (JES) attempted to develop guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of primary aldosteronism (PA). The Task Force Committee (TFC) was composed of a chair, selected by the JES, and additional experts. Systematic reviews of available evidence for Japanese patients were used to recommend the key treatment and prevention. We(More)
We have developed the fully-automated algorithms for processing 2-D gel electrophoretograms based on RLGS (restriction landmark genomic scanning) method; one for fully-automated spot recognition from RLGS electrophoretogram and another for fully-automated pairwise matching of the spots found on such 2-D electrophoretograms. Without any human interaction,(More)
We propose a novel strategy for determining the elemental composition of organic compounds using the peak ratio of isotopic fine structure observed by high-magnetic field Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS). Using 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate and CTU guanamine as standard organic compounds, isotopic peaks derived(More)
BACKGROUND S-1 is an oral fluoropyrimidine whose antitumor effects have been demonstrated in treating various gastrointestinal cancers, including metastatic colon cancer, when administered as monotherapy or in combination chemotherapy. We conducted a randomized phase III study investigating the efficacy of S-1 as adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer by(More)
BACKGROUND In our previous study, adrenomedullin (AM) overexpression could limit the arterial intimal hyperplasia induced by cuff injury in rats. However, it remains to be elucidated whether endogenous AM plays a role against vascular injury. METHODS AND RESULTS We used the AM knockout mice to investigate the effect of endogenous AM. Compared with(More)
In the present study, a high-throughput analytical method for intracellular metabolites using MALDI-MS has been developed. As an analytical tool, the quantitative performance and dynamic range of MALDI-TOF-MS was confirmed to be suitable for characterizing the trends of intracellular metabolism. The technique was tested by investigating the intracellular(More)
Glycosylation is the most widespread posttranslational modification in eukaryotes; however, the role of oligosaccharides attached to proteins has been little studied because of the lack of a sensitive and easy analytical method for oligosaccharide structures. Recently, tandem mass spectrometric techniques have been revealing that oligosaccharides might have(More)
Well-differentiated liposarcoma (WD) acquires fully malignant potential when the histological progression named dedifferentiation occurs. This progression is supposed to occur in a time-dependent manner but this is still a debated issue. Clinically, the prediction of dedifferentiation for WD is very important from the therapeutic point of view. To identify(More)
One of the most effective pairs in combination therapy is that of an inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and a low-dose thiazide diuretic. Possible candidates for this combination therapy are hypertensive patients with blood pressure (BP) that is not controlled by a calcium channel blocker (CCB). Thus, we characterized the antihypertensive(More)