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In this paper, we propose a moving object detection algorithm for the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and its digital VLSI implementation. The algorithm is based on parallel processing inspired by neuronal propagation underlying sequence coding in a model of the hippocampus. We have implemented this algorithm on an FPGA, and have verified the(More)
NO<sub>x</sub> from diesel exhaust gases can efficiently be removed by a combination of ozone injection and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). To industrialize the system, it is necessary to develop a NO control system because the NO concentration largely changes by an engine output power. In this paper, we constructed a NO control system without using any(More)
This paper proposes a CMOS circuit using a pulse modulation approach for realizing nonlinear dynamics with phase variables. The phase variables are represented by pulse-width modulation signals, and an arbitrary nonlinear transform function is generated by using the corresponding nonlinear current waveform sampled with pulse-phase modulation signals. We(More)
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