Katsura Kariya

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Peripheral neuropathy, which accompanies aging, occurs during the long-term rearing of laboratory animals. The present study set out to delineate the clinical and functional features of this neuropathy. A total of 200 B6C3F1 female mice, in groups of 5 to 20 mice, were sacrificed and autopsied each week beginning at 5 weeks and continuing to 130 weeks of(More)
A comparative histologic survey was conducted on the dorsal root, sciatic, tibial and medial plantar nerves of 90- and 110-week-old B6C3F1 female mice reared in either solid-floor cages covered in sawdust or wire-mesh-floor cages. Age-related peripheral nerve lesions, characterized by axonal degeneration and remyelination, were present in all nerves(More)
Congenital combined pituitary hormone deficiency (CCPHD) is a rare disease, presenting with respiratory distress, hypoglycemia and jaundice soon after birth. It is caused by .pituitary aplasia or hypoplasia or abnormality of transcription factor which related to pituitary development. We describe a Japanese patient with CCPHD, who presented with respiratory(More)
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