Katsunori Shinozaki

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Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) is a negative-strand RNA virus with intrinsic oncolytic specificity due to substantially attenuated antiviral responses in many tumors. We have recently reported that(More)
LBA4024 Background: 5-weekly S-1 plus cisplatin (SP5: S-1 80-120 mg/body/day on D1-21, cisplatin 60 mg/m2 on D8, every 5 weeks) has become a standard first-line chemotherapy for AGC in Japan based on(More)
Adjuvant FOLFOX is a widely accepted standard therapy for resected colon cancer. The incidence of grade 3–4 peripheral sensory neuropathy (PSN) was 12.4 and 5.7 % in the MOSAIC and Eastern MASCOT(More)