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This paper concerns recombinations which produce offspring from two parents. We assume an infinite population and regard recombinations as transformations of stochastic variables represented as chromosomes. We then formalize recombinations with the probability density functions of stochastic variables represented as the parameters and describe the change of(More)
Evolutionary design of neural networks has shown a great potential as a powerful optimization tool. However, most evolutionary neural networks have not taken advantage of the fact that they can evolve from modules. This paper presents a hybrid method of modular neural networks and genetic programming as a promising model for evolutionary learning. This(More)
Organizational-learning oriented Classier System (OCS) is an extension of Learning Clas-sier Systems (LCSs) to multiagent environments with introducing the concepts of organizational learning (OL) in organization and management science. Unlike the conventional multiagent systems in the literature, which utilize specic and elaborate techniques, OCS(More)