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You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do The Influence of Economic Conditions and Spatial Competition on Party Strategy
Although a voluminous literature has shed light on the relationship between economic conditions and government accountability, most studies in this literature have implicitly assumed that the actionsExpand
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Updating the Party Government data set
Scholars have identified the crucial role of government characteristics in studies of political behavior, comparative institutions, and political economy. An invaluable data source for governmentExpand
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The effect of lentinan combination therapy for unresectable advanced gastric cancer.
BACKGROUND Developed as a biological response modifier (BRM), lentinan mitigates patients' symptoms by boosting the immune system. In combination with S-1 (tegafur, gimeracil, oteracil), lentinan isExpand
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Brooding in a Gonatid Squid off Northern Japan
Brooding of egg masses by a squid in Japan is described. Brooding females were photographed in situ, and the females, their eggs, and their hatchlings were collected. The squid had all undergoneExpand
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Clinical study of 50 patients with glossodynia
Glossodynia is a clinical condition chiefly characterized by a painful tongue. It is reportedly associated with psychosomatic medical factors but patients with this condition are likely to visitExpand
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Development of the mandibular reconstruction titanium nitride plate and screw system (OHARA®) and aclinical evaluation
In the past 7 years from September 1984 to September 1991, reconstruction using OHARA® titanium plate system for mandibular defects, was carried out on 15 patients. Patients, 8 male and 7 female,Expand
Causes and consequences of elections in nondemocracies
A case of pemphigus vegetans limited to the tongue
We report a case of pemphigus vegetans with “cerebriform tongue”. Pemphigus vegetans involving a limited area of the tongue is very rare.A 76-year-old man presented with pain and fissure formation ofExpand
Good times, bad times: Taxation and electoral accountability
In this article we address two important and related questions. First, do economic hard times make defeat inevitable for any incumbent? And, second, do voters sanction incumbents for a poor economyExpand
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