Katsunori Miura

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In large classes, teachers find it difficult to care about the personality and ability of individual students. One of the ways to grasp the learning state of students is to conduct a number of short tests during every class. If a system can automatically give the appropriate instructions and teaching materials to individual students based on the test(More)
All students (about 1000) at Sapporo Gakuin University are required to take a Computer Literacy course. At Hokkaido University, we teach courses, such as AI Programming, with approximately 100 students. By using automatic marking systems of our own design we can check student work and obtain the results immediately. It reduces our labor, enables us to grasp(More)
This paper proposes a formal predicate logic-based method for the specification of intercloud information systems comprising combinations of cloud services. The proposed framework utilizes predicates with variables in universally quantified atoms to provide general descriptive capability for a wide variety of cloud services and their various properties. We(More)
This paper proposes an intercloud brokerage method for system infrastructure deployments of genomic big data analytics workflows. The proposed method utilizes a conjunction of universally quantified atomic formula to describe requirements given by users, and selects combinations of cloud services based on logical reasoning by the replacement of definite(More)
In the equivalent transformation (ET) computation model, a specification provides background knowledge in a problem domain, a program is a set of prioritized rewriting rules, and computation consists in successive reduction of problems by rule application. As long as meaning-preserving rewriting rules, called ET rules, with respect to given background(More)
In the Equivalent Transformation (ET) computation model, a program is constructed by the successive accumulation of ET rules. A method by meta-computation by which a correct ET rule is generated has been proposed. Although the method covers a broad range in the generation of ET rules, all important ET rules are not necessarily generated. Generation of more(More)
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