Katsunobu Masui

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The classification of malignant gliomas is moving from a morphology-based guide to a system built on molecular criteria. The development of a genomic landscape for gliomas and a better understanding of its functional consequences have led to the development of internally consistent molecular classifiers. However, development of a biologically insightful(More)
Tabletability factors were developed through the use of an automated tabletability tester, and the applicability of these factors to actual manufacturing procedures was tested by the large-scale manufacturing of tablets. Use of this approach does not require knowledge of the tablet's physical properties, e.g., moisture content, porosity, particle size,(More)
A novel amphiphilic hydroquinone derivative having a C18 alkyl chain phosphate attached to the hydroquinone (HQ) moiety was chemically synthesized. The thermal stability, distribution between organic and aqueous phases, and in vitro skin permeability were evaluated. This HQ derivative was identified as disodium p-phenylene diisostearyl diphosphate(More)
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