Katsunada Fujimoto

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BACKGROUND Patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma have a risk of relapse after primary therapy, and the prognosis for these patients remains bleak. The effect of immuno-cell therapy in advanced pancreatic carcinoma, with or without other standard therapies, was examined. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-six patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma,(More)
Gamma/delta (γδ) T cells play a role in innate immunity and exhibit cytotoxicity toward a large range of tumor types. Recent studies have shown that aminobisphosphonates may be applied to a culture in which a large number of γδ T cells are proliferated ex vivo. We carried out a clinical study of 25 patients with various solid tumors to determine further the(More)
To clarify the long-term effect of immunotherapy, the effect of adoptive activated T lymphocyte immunotherapy on advanced lung cancer was evaluated in terms of survival time. In addition, the performance status of cancer patients under immunotherapy was examined. Over 5 × 109 alpha–beta T lymphocytes cultured ex vivo with an immobilized anti-CD3 antibody(More)
BACKGROUND Immunotherapy is useful for the prevention of the post-operative recurrence of some types of cancer and, in combination with certain anticancer drugs, is expected to prolong survival time. However, the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy alone against advanced cancer has not yet been demonstrated. CASE REPORT A 67-year-old woman with ovarian(More)
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