Katsumi Tanigaki

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Research on controlled drug delivery for cancer chemotherapy has focused mainly on ways to deliver existing anti-cancer drug compounds to specified targets, e.g., by conjugating them with magnetic particles or encapsulating them in micelles. Here, we show that an iron-salen, i.e., μ-oxo N,N'- bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine iron (Fe(Salen)), but not other(More)
A topological p-n junction (TPNJ) is an important concept to control spin and charge transport on a surface of three-dimensional topological insulators (3D-TIs). Here we report successful fabrication of such TPNJ on a surface of 3D-TI Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey thin films and experimental observation of the electrical transport. By tuning the chemical potential of(More)
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