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This paper proposes a human interface of an eating assist robot developed in order to enable people with severe disability to gain/regain independence in eating. A spoon and a CCD camera are attached on the tip of the robotic arm. The spoon can be actuated in the three orthogonal directions, and also can be rotated. The PC display indicates an image of the(More)
We have developed a location-based search system for web documents on the Internet. This system can find web documents based on the distance between locations that are described in web documents and a location specified by a user. It consists of three modules. (1) A robot that gathers documents from the Internet, (2) a parser that extracts address strings(More)
Rapid growth of internet access from mobile users puts much importance on location specific information on the web. An unique web service called Mobile Info Search (MIS) from NTT Laboratories gathers the information and provide location aware search facilities. We performed association rule mining and sequence pattern mining against the access log which was(More)
This paper presents an ad-hoc e-mail address service system which employs a cryptographic algorithm for the generation of ad-hoc addresses. The addresses are associated with mail filter rules and subscribers' original address undisclosed to public. The presented algorithm enables mail transfer agents to filter incoming mails by extracting filter rules from(More)
As a result of the progress in mobile computing, people can access various kinds of local information on the Internet for use in daily life. However, such contents and services are heterogeneous and distributed. There is thus a need for a mobile-computing methodology and services for utilizing local information from the Internet. In this paper we introduce(More)
Navigational behavior of website visitors can be extracted from web access log files with data mining techniques such as sequential pattern mining. Visualization of the discovered patterns is very helpful to understand how visitors navigate over the various pages on the site. Currently several web log visualization tools have been developed. However those(More)
This report presents a generalized design strategy of intelligent robust control systems based on quantum/soft computing technologies that enhance robustness of fuzzy controllers by supplying a self-organizing capability. It is demonstrated that fuzzy controllers prepared to maintain control object in the prescribed conditions are often fail to control when(More)