Katsumi Sugisaki

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Nyquist sampling theorem in an image calculation with angular spectrum method restricts a propagation distance and a focal length of a lens. In order to avoid these restrictions, we studied suitable expressions for the image computations depending on their conditions. Additionally, a lateral scale in an observation plane can be magnified freely by using a(More)
Two basic types of interferometer, a point diffraction interferometer (PDI) and a lateral shearing interferometer (LSI) suitable for operation in the extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) wavelength region, are described. To address the challenges of wavefront measurement with an accuracy of 0.1 nm rms, we present a calibration method for the PDI that places a mask(More)
X-ray damage to biological samples was investigated in the wavelength region of 2.7-5 nm, which overlaps the so-called 'water-window', the wavelength range of 2.4-4.3 nm usually used in X-ray microscopy. Yeast cells and myofibrils were chosen as representatives of whole cell samples and motile protein systems, respectively. The samples were exposed to(More)
We propose a design method of phase-analysis algorithms based on two-dimensional grating phase shifting for Talbot interferometry, Talbot-Lau imaging, or the Ronchi test. These algorithms are designed to separate the two orthogonal shearing wavefronts and eliminate error effects of unwanted diffraction orders, simultaneously. Taking the effect of(More)
The resolution of the Wölter mirror, which is utilized as an objective in soft-x-ray microscopes, is limited by fabrication errors. We studied the relation between fabrication errors and imaging performance of the Wölter mirror to determine how this performance could be improved. Figure errors, which are characterized by low spatial frequency, were analyzed(More)
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