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In this paper, we analyze the effects of several factors and configuration choices encountered during training and model construction when we want to obtain better and more stable adaptation in HMM-based speech synthesis. We then propose a new adaptation algorithm called constrained structural maximum <i>a</i> <i>posteriori</i> linear regression (CSMAPLR)(More)
In HMM-based speech synthesis, we have to choose the modeling strategy for speech synthesis units depending on the amount of available speech data to generate synthetic speech of better quality. In general, speaker-dependent modeling is an ideal choice for a large speech data, whereas speaker adaptation with average voice model becomes promising when(More)
In human computer interaction and dialogue systems, it is often desirable for text-to-speech synthesis to be able to generate natural sounding speech with an arbitrary speaker's voice and with varying speaking styles and/or emotional expressions. We have developed an average-voice-based speech synthesis method using statistical average voice models and(More)
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