Katsumi Ogata

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In this paper, we analyze the effects of several factors and configuration choices encountered during training and model construction when we want to obtain better and more stable adaptation in HMM-based speech synthesis. We then propose a new adaptation algorithm called constrained structural maximum <i>a</i> <i>posteriori</i> linear regression (CSMAPLR)(More)
In HMM-based speech synthesis, we have to choose the modeling strategy for speech synthesis units depending on the amount of available speech data to generate synthetic speech of better quality. In general, speaker-dependent modeling is an ideal choice for a large speech data, whereas speaker adaptation with average voice model becomes promising when(More)
Biological monitoring of solar UV radiation using spore dosimeters has been undertaken since the year 1999 at more than 20 sites in Asia, Europe and South America. The monthly-cumulative data to the end of the year 2004 have been presented before. In this paper, successive data to the end of the year 2007 are compiled and the trends and correlation analyses(More)
A small and robust dosimeter for determining the biologically effective dose of ambient UV radiation has been developed using UV-sensitive mutant spores of Bacillus subtilis strain TKJ6312. A membrane filter with four spots of the spores was snapped to a slide mount. The slide was wrapped and covered with two or more layers of polyethylene sheet to protect(More)
We describe a very rare case of bilateral lichen striatus on the lower extremities with a history of more than ten years. Histopathologically, the lesions demonstrated a lichenoid tissue reaction with foci of spongiosis and perivascular inflammatory cell infiltration. In addition, the finding of lymphocytic infiltrations around the eccrine duct was(More)
In order to investigate the pathophysiology of anticonvulsant-induced osteopenia, circulating levels of bone γ-carboxyglutamic acid-containing protein (Bone Gla Protein: BGP) and urinary excretion of BGP were measured in 16 chidren on chronic anticonvulsant therapy and in 12 control children. Using microdensitometry analysis, osteopenia was found in 25% of(More)
BACKGROUND Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) of the skin is an aggressive but rare malignant neuroendocrine tumor. For its pathological diagnosis, we use a panel of immunohistochemical markers, such as cytokeratin 20 (CK 20), epithelial membrane antigen (EMA), chromogranin A, neuron specific enolase (NSE), synaptophysin, and Leu7 (CD57) to demonstrate its(More)
In human computer interaction and dialogue systems, it is often desirable for text-to-speech synthesis to be able to generate natural sounding speech with an arbitrary speaker's voice and with varying speaking styles and/or emotional expressions. We have developed an average-voice-based speech synthesis method using statistical average voice models and(More)
This paper describes the use of combined linear regression and expost MAP methods for average-voice-based speech synthesis system based on HMM. To generate more natural sounding speech using the average-voice-based speech synthesis system when a large amount of training data is available, we apply ex-post MAP estimation after the linear transformation based(More)
Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL) has been divided into four subtypes up to now: (i) acute; (ii) lymphoma; (iii) chronic; and (iv) smoldering. Skin lesion(s) may be present and the cases showing less than 5% abnormal T-lymphocytes in peripheral blood without involvement of other organs, have been classified as smoldering ATLL. However, this type of ATLL(More)
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