Katsumi Kurita

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Ascorbic acid (AA) is essential for collagen biosynthesis as a cofactor for prolyl and lysyl hydroxylase and as a stimulus for collagen gene expression. Many studies have evaluated the relationship between AA and collagen expression in short- and long-term effects on cells after a single administration of AA into the culture medium. However, no such study(More)
A small base isolation system using a new device that used friction force was developed. In this paper, dynamic characteristics of the system were investigated by an experiment using artificial seismic wave. The bearing combination of three cases, four spherical metal bearings, two spherical metal and two marble plate bearings, four marble plate bearings,(More)
A new device of reduction for seismic response using friction force was developed. In this paper, vibration analysis of a small base isolation system using the device was investigated by excitation experiment using artificial seismic waves. Peak acceleration amplitude on the base isolation system has decreased to 43 90% compared to input waves. And root(More)
It is important to reduce the seismic response of houses in order to prevent from collapse of houses. Some control methods for seismic response of houses are developed. The oil dampers using the flow resistance of the silicon oil have been developed. In this paper, a Magnet Oil Damper (MOD) in which permanent magnets are added to the oil damper is proposed(More)
To investigate vibration characteristics of the building, the natural frequency of the building was estimated using microtoremor and strong motion. In case estimated using microtoremor data, the natural frequency was 2.40Hz in the minor axis of the building. However, in case estimated using strong motion data, the average of them was 2.28Hz that is lower(More)
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