Katsumi Kaneyama

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Permanent wave treatment for hair has been used for many decades. However, certain aspects of the treatment involved are still not well understood. Reduction of disulfide (SS) bonds and their subsequent oxidation are essential for inhibiting fiber degradation. We attempted to elucidate scission and reformation mechanisms of SS cross-links by treating them(More)
In this paper, an investigation is made focusing on the molecular orientation in the resist film, the understanding and control of which will be very significant in the research and development of EUV resists. Molecular orientation can be investigated through fluorescence spectrometry. Based on the results, high viscosity resist solutions showed strong(More)
In this paper we propose a method for estimating the position and the orientation of a mobile robot from the Hough parameters of several flat surfaces in the environment. The 3D data in the environment are acquired from a laser range finder with vertical scanning and simultaneously the robot is rotating and the horizontal scanning can be achieved. After the(More)
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