Katsumi Higuchi

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This paper presents the physical layer features and structures, along with the NTT DoCoMo's proposals on solutions for the Evolved UTRA. After completion of study item investigations, outlines for physical channel structures were determined. The proposals for the orthogonal reference signal structures, multiplexing of the synchronization signal and(More)
This paper compares the achievable packet error rate and throughput performance levels of 16QAM modulation schemes considering the peak-to-average power ratio for single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) in the evolved UTRA uplink. Simulation results show that the effective required average received signal energy per symbol-to-noise power(More)
This paper investigates the effects of soft multipath interference (MPI)-replica generation in a multipath interference canceller (MPIC) using two-dimensional minimum mean squared error (MMSE) and optimum likelihood function of a posteriori probability (APP) for soft-decision turbo decoding in maximum likelihood detection with QR decomposition and the(More)
The paper proposes adaptive spreading and channel coding gain (ASCG) control with QPSK data modulation according to the instantaneous received signal-to-interference plus noise power ratio (SINR) of each packet duration, and presents experimental results using this scheme in broadband DS-CDMA wireless access in the reverse link. In the implemented broadband(More)
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