Katsuji Akita

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A computerized interlocking system for railway signaling control is proposed. The overall architecture of this system, aiming at a high degree of safety, reliability, and flexibility, is shown. The basic architecture of both a fail-safe microcomputer subsystem which is the kernel of this system and system-bus structured multimicrocomputer subsystem is(More)
The Shinkansen is a safe, reliable, mass, and rapid public transportation system in Japan. The authors discuss COMTRAC in the Shinkansen. First, they look into the concept and technology of fail-safe in railways. Second, they explain COMTRAC and its fault-tolerant computer systems. Finally, they give several kinds of field data accumulated during the past(More)
First introduced together with the extension of Tokaido-Shinkansen railway in 1972, the COMTRAC large-scale command-and-control system efficiently controls the train's high-speed, high-frequency, high-diversity operations. This article introduces COMTRAC's technological features and gives an overview of its 50-year history, including the early days of(More)
History texts for elementary school children have unique discourse structures that involve variety of information and style. This study investigated the effects of signals that relate the main text with corresponding information in the margins on memory and comprehension of the text. One hundred thirty-five undergraduate students were assigned to read the(More)
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