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The subcellular distribution of endoplasmic reticulum proteins (IP3R1 and RYR), plasma membrane(PM) proteins (mGluR1 and PMCA Ca2+-pump), and scaffolding proteins, such as Homer 1b/c, was assessed by laser scanning confocal microscopy of rat cerebellum parasagittal sections. There appeared to be two classes of Ca2+ stores, nonjunctional Ca2+ stores and(More)
Type I inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive receptors (InsP(3)R) are expressed in human oocytes and may be involved in operating the Ca(2+) release triggered by the fertilizing sperm. This study examines the contribution of type I InsP(3)R in operating Ca(2+) release in human oocytes secondary to InsP(3) itself, using a specific function-blocking antibody(More)
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