Katsuhiro Yasumi

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To describe the recent filicide features in Japan, data were collected from newspaper databases between 1994 and 2005 and compared with several official statistics. From this dataset, 933 cases and 1084 victims under age 15 were identified. Fatal abuse cases were most prevalent (309 cases, or 33.1%), followed by filicide-suicide cases (303, or 32.5%) and(More)
Schizophrenia is defined by operative diagnostic criteria in DSM-IV with some typical symptoms as hallucinations and duration of the disease. Huber focused on the subjective experience of patients and coined the term "basic symptoms" and created BSABS. Our study investigated the reliability and the diagnostic validity of the 5 clusters of BSABS for(More)
Clinical manifestations of schizophrenia are believed to be becoming less severe in Japan, but little evidence supports this theory. We investigated the percentages of undergraduate students attending national universities in Japan who required temporary leave and who dropped out because of schizophrenia in the academic years 1986-1987, 1994-1995, and(More)
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