Katsuhiro Umemoto

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Winged bean Kunitz chymotrypsin inhibitor (WCI) is encoded by a multigene family and accumulation of its mRNA is restricted in mid-maturation stage seeds and tuberous roots. In this paper, we analyzed the accumulation of mRNA derived from each WCI gene using a novel method: sequence-specific termination analysis. The results demonstrated that the(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to distinguish and describe knowledge management (KM) technologies according to their support for strategy. Design/methodology/approach – This study employed an ontology development method to describe the relations between technology, KM and strategy, and to categorize available KM technologies according to those(More)
This case study examines the evolution of R&D knowledge management at Japan’s business equipment maker Fuji Xerox, from the sashimi system, a Japanese origin of concurrent engineering, to its successor Zen-in system, which is composed mainly of a real high-tech discussion room equipped with databases that provide technical information and two 70-inch(More)
Virtual reality (VR) application creation is a comprehensive development process that requires a variety of skills: not only hardware and software knowledge but also aesthetic design and storytelling abilities. A groupwork-based project is a suitable approach for creating a VR application because the group members can utilize their full powers and knowledge(More)
VR content creation is a comprehensive development, and it requires a variety of skills, not only sensing technology and computer graphics techniques, but also aesthetic design and storytelling, for completing the project. A groupwork-based project is a suitable approach for creating a VR application, because the group members can exert their full powers in(More)
The study aims at exploring the relevancy of knowledge management (KM) to library and information science (LIS). Besides the review of relevant literature, the study has conducted an online survey of KM education programs offered by different schools of the world. An interdisciplinary approach of KM education is analysed to find its link with LIS. After a(More)
During the British colonial period in Malaysia, a vernacular school system along with the English school was introduced in Malaysia. However, English-educated students had better employment and opportunities in the university. During the first 10 years after Malaysia’s independence from Britain, English and Malay language were the medium of instruction(More)
Public libraries all over the world are transforming themselves into more community centered for building community. In this paper, first of all, we describe the transformation of public libraries into multipurpose community learning centers (MCLCs). Secondly, we design a value co-creation process model at MCLCs. Thirdly, we examine the co-created values at(More)