Katsuhiro Shimatake

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We evaluate the quasi-one-dimensional (1D) electron dynamics in a NbSe3 ring crystal using polarization vortex pulses with various azimuthal distributions. The single particle relaxation component reveals a large anisotropy on the crystal, indicating that the electrons in the ring maintain their 1D character. The results also suggest that the polarization(More)
We discovered the chirality of charge-density waves (CDW) in 1T-TiSe₂ by using STM and time-domain optical polarimetry. We found that the CDW intensity becomes Ia₁∶Ia₂∶Ia₃ = 1∶0.7 ± 0.1∶0.5 ± 0.1, where Ia(i) (i=1,2,3) is the amplitude of the tunneling current contributed by the CDWs. There were two states, in which the three intensity peaks of the CDW(More)
We report the ultrafast optical response of quasiparticles (QPs) in both the pseudogap (PG) and superconducting (SC) states of an underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + y (Bi2212) single crystal measured with the time-resolved pump-probe technique. At a probe energy variant planck's over omegapr = 1.55 eV, it is found that the reflectivity change DeltaR/R changes its(More)
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