Katsuhiro Nishiyama

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The involvement of dysfunctional teeth in senile hippocampal activity was evaluated by examining, in aged SAMP8 mice, the effect of cutting off the upper molars (molarless condition) on hippocampal induction of the protein product, Fos, of the immediate early gene, c-fos, and on spatial performance in a water maze. The molarless condition caused a reduction(More)
The behavioral responses to attractive and aversive odors were examined in blinded adult male cockroaches under tethered-walking conditions. A sex pheromone-like stimulant derived from adult virgin females and artificially synthesized limonene were used as attractive and aversive odor sources, respectively. When a searching animal was stimulated with the(More)
Single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) bundles were pillared by fullerene (C60) by the cosonication of C60 and SWCNT in toluene to utilize the interstitial pores for hydrogen storage. C60-pillared SWCNTs were confirmed by the shift in the X-ray diffraction peak and the expanded hexagonal and distorted tetragonal bundles revealed by high-resolution transmission(More)
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