Katsuhiro Izumi

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This paper presents a sensorless vector control system for general-purpose induction motors, which is based on the observer theory and the adaptive control theories. The proposed system includes a rotor speed estimator using a -axis flux and stator resistance identifier using the -axis flux. The advantages of the proposed system are simplicity and avoidance(More)
Power line communication (PLC) is one of the most attractive communication methods for in-home networks. However, the emissions of unwanted electric waves from PLC system cause harmful interference to other radio communication systems with the same frequency band. Wavelet OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is expected to be an efficient(More)
In current scenario the device count in an IC is running into billions per chip, the issue of power dissipation in the chip is becoming too critical. Due to decreasing device dimension the performance of the bulk Si MOSFET is limited by its fundamental physical limitation like reduction in carrier mobility due to impurities, p-n junction leakage current(More)
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