Katsuhiko Tanaka

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The orthogonal segment intersection search problem is stated as follows: Given a set S of n orthogonal segments in the plane, report all the segments of S that intersect a given orthogonal query segment. For this problem, we propose a simple and practical algorithm based on bucketing techniques. It constructs, in &Ogr;(n) time preprocessing, a search(More)
Gnathia limicola sp. nov. is described from Okinawajima Island, Ryukyu Archipelago, southwestern Japan. Burrows of this species were found in a small intertidal creek bank on a muddy tidal flat near mangrove trees. Adult males differ from those of other Gnathia species in the following features: (1) fine setae cover peduncle articles 1 and 2 of antenna 1,(More)
—Current responses due to the strike of ionized particle onto nMOS transistor of 90nm and 55nm generation have been analyzed through 3D device simulations. From the current response, duration of charge collection (tcc) is determined, which correlated strongly with the width of erroneous pulse (SET pulse). Causes of the difference between tcc values of 90nm(More)
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