Katsuhiko Tanaka

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Gnathia limicola sp. nov. is described from Okinawajima Island, Ryukyu Archipelago, southwestern Japan. Burrows of this species were found in a small intertidal creek bank on a muddy tidal flat near mangrove trees. Adult males differ from those of other Gnathia species in the following features: (1) fine setae cover peduncle articles 1 and 2 of antenna 1,(More)
The orthogonal segment intersection search problem is stated as follows: Given a set S of n orthogonal segments in the plane, report all the segments of S that intersect a given orthogonal query segment. For this problem, we propose a simple and practical algorithm based on bucketing techniques. It constructs, in &Ogr;(n) time preprocessing, a search(More)
— Soft error phenomena induced by the Sea-level cosmic neutron have been investigated by using a simulation system that covers from an individual MOSFET device level to an LSI-chip level. This system consists of the several kinds of simulation codes/tools, such as a mixed-mode 3D device simulator, SPICE circuit simulator, and analyzing tools of gate-level(More)
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