Katsuhiko Ookubo

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While advance reservation is an essential capability for co-allocating several resources on Grid environments, it is not obvious how it can co-exist with priority-based First Come First Served scheduling, that is widely used as local scheduling policy today. To investigate this problem, we 1) developed a scheduling API in Java for TORQUE, a variant of(More)
Advance Reservation is one possible way to enable resource co-allocation on the Grid. This method requires all the resources to have advance reservation capability as well as coordination protocol support. We employed 2-phased commit protocol as a coordination protocol, which is common in the distributed transaction area, and implemented an Advance(More)
Mammary cancer is one of the solid malignancies, which easily metastasizes to bone. The frequency of bone metastases of breast cancer has been reported to be 65-75% of all breast cancer patients, and, in autopsy example at Shikoku Cancer Center, metastasis was recognized to be 74.7%. There are many symptomatic signs of bone metastases, but hypercalcemia(More)
The ability to migrate services to a remote data center is an important feature of Cloud services, especially after a natural disaster. The FELIX project has developed a global scale testbed by federating multiple, distributed, data centers, called SDN islands. FELIX leverages on a transit network resource manager (TN RM) to enable NSI and GRE connections(More)
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