Katsuhiko Kakehi

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In practical courses on software-intensive business systems, students work in teams to acquire practical skills in systems acquisition and provisioning. However, we do not yet have an established method to determine the optimal team composition to achieve maximum educational effectiveness. In this study, we quantitatively and qualitatively investigate how(More)
In practical lectures on software intensive business systems, we do not yet have an established method for determining what kind of personal characteristics and team compositions are most beneficial to obtaining the maximal educational effectiveness. Here, we propose a framework for analyzing the effects of personal characteristics of team members on(More)
To improve practical IT education, many Japanese universities are implementing project-based learning (PBL). Although a previous study examined the relationship between educational effectiveness and the scatter of personal characteristics, the relationship between educational effectiveness and the combination of personal characteristics in a team, which is(More)
There are many practical programming problems that involve nding the longest segment in a given sequence or largest rectangle in a given plane. Few of the solutions that text books on programming propose for these problems are easy enough to be understood by most computer science students. This paper therefore proposes new data structure, P-segment tables,(More)
Students working in teams to complete software tasks is an effective method to learn necessary skills. Previously we examined the educational effectiveness as a function of personal characteristics, but the findings were inconclusive. Because we hypothesize that team discussions impact learning and are related to educational effectiveness, this study(More)
To improve practical IT education, many universities are implementing project-based learning (PBL). Although researchers have examined the relationship between projects and personality, they have not investigated the type of projects and team construction based on personality. We consider not to construct optimal team for the view of educational(More)
We have studied on the trends in patent applications for medical communications and telemedicine in Japan in reference to the publication of laid-open patents, as well as future methods for patent protection of related technologies. We suggest "grant royalty-based non-exclusive rights to physicians" measure that would ensure incentives for medical(More)
In software and IT systems engineering, personal characteristics are expected to impact performance and attitude. To clarify the optimal composition in a team of students in academic education, we researched the relationship between student personality characteristics and learning effectiveness of teams using the Five Factor and Stress theory (FFS). The(More)