Katsuhiko Inagaki

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A fundamental light reflection model that takes into account the internal structure of cloth to render the peculiar gloss of cloth objects is presented. In developing this model, the microscopic structure of textiles was considered. The model represents fabric features such as fiber's cross-sectional shape or weave. By measuring the reflected light(More)
Electrostatic assembly of cationic nanoparticles onto the negatively charged backbone of double-stranded DNA has been shown to produce one-dimensional chains with potential use as nanoelectronic components. In this paper, micron long DNA templates stretched on aminosilane- and hexamethyldisilazane-modified silicon surfaces are used to assemble 3.5 nm gold(More)
This paper presents a new type of mobile robot that was developed based on the idea of developing a robot with reduced number of Degree of Freedom (DOF). The higher the number of DOF implies that more actuators are being fixed onto the robot. This eventually results in a complicated control system, as well as influencing the energy efficiency of the robot.(More)