Katsuhiko Harada

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Infusion reactions are a major side effect of the administration of therapeutic Abs and are the result of a complex immune reaction. In this study, we report that substitutions of Fc amino acids in the anti-HLA-DR Ab HD8 reduce its ability to induce infusion reactions in rats and monkeys. We first showed that i.v. administration of IgG1- and IgG2-subclass(More)
How to teach creating musical interface or installations to students who don't have backgrounds in electronic engineering is a longtime issue. This paper describes how it is taught at IAMAS (an institute dedicated to media arts) with the use of the newly developed environment, 'GAINER.' The GAINER environment consists of a reconfigurable I/O module and(More)
Intracranial hemorrhage in neonates is often found in either the subependymal area or the subdural space. The former is observed particularly in premature infants and is attributable to damage of the germinal matrix layer. The latter usually occurs in the vicinity of the falx and tentorium cerebri of full-term neonates and is thought to be caused by birth(More)
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