Katsubumi Tajima

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Ultra Wide Band technology has attracted a lot of attention recently as a viable solution for high data rate, low power, short-range wireless link. The growing multi-media home networking is demanding more bandwidth and wireless throughput has become a bottleneck for high quality multi-media services. With the maximum data rate above 100 Mbps, UWB is a(More)
In most of the techniques to extract keyframes from motion capture (mocap) data, criteria to guarantee the quality of keyframes are provided by manually adjusting evaluation parameters. In this study, the authors try to apply the Bayesian information criterion (BIC) [Schwartz 1978] to keyframe extraction. BIC is a model-selection criterion; models are(More)
In Akita Prefecture located in the northeast region of Japan, many attractive folk dances have been passed down. However, several dances were lost due to the falling birthrate and depopulation of rural areas. This study proposes a method to obtain the information contributing to the restoration of the lost folk dances. Specifically, we estimate the motion(More)
Today, a number of attractive folk dances are existent in Japan. It is seen in recent years that their motion is analyzed by using motion capture (Mocap) data. On the other hand, many survey reports on Japanese folk dances have been compiled to record their histories and current states. It is expected that a lot of valuable information can be extracted by(More)
It has been recognized that the design of similarity measures to compare multiple motion-capture (mocap) data streams is one of the major tasks in human motion analysis [Müller et al. 2008]. The information of similarity is utilized for many applications such as the retrieval of mocap data streams.
In telecommunication equipment rooms of telecom centers, recently the need of wireless applications is increasing because those are much efficient means for sensor network of sensing electric power and temperature distribution in order to use as EMS (Energy Management System), or gathering maintenance information of the equipment. This paper shows the study(More)
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