Katsu-ichi Miyamoto

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The incorporation of acetate-1-(14)C into the polyunsaturated fatty acids of glycerophosphatides of chick embryonic brain has been studied. After the injection of acetate-1-(14)C into the yolk sac, differences were found in the degree of labeling of the major fatty acids of the omega3 and omega6 series. Arachidonic acid (20:4omega6) showed a high degree of(More)
Ewes were immunized with four inhibin preparations of increasing purity obtained from bovine follicular fluid by affinity chromatography. The two purest immunogens, which had 69 and 174 ng inhibin micrograms-1 protein (expressed in terms of 32 kDa ovine inhibin), increased ovulation rate by 240 and 320% respectively following two injections, and gave a(More)
Objective and Design: We examined the involvement of IL-8 in TNFα and IL-1β neutrophil infiltration, using homologous reagents.¶Subjects: Female New Zealand white rabbits (n = 211).¶Methods: After injection of TNFα (1 μg) or rrIL-1β (300 pg) into rabbit knee joints, the leukocyte influx and the production of IL-8 were estimated. Anti-TNFα mAb, rrIL-1Ra, and(More)
Fatty acid compositions of glycerophosphatides of developing chick embryonic brain and liver were compared. In brain, ethanolamine and serine glycerophosphatides contained 30-40% polyunsaturated fatty acids, lecithin almost none (except for arachidonic). In the liver, these acids were equally distributed in the phospholipid fractions. The principal(More)
Both simple and coiled simple encapsulated sensory corpuscles in the fungiform papillae of primate tongues were examined by light and electron microscopy. These were found to be composed of discoid axon terminals, with cytoplasmic lamellae of lamellar cells surrounding them. The axon terminals were characterized by the presence of distinct finger-like(More)