Katrina T Evans

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The clinical and radiological features of four patients with inter-sterno-costo-clavicular ossification are described. The process was associated with established seronegative spondyloarthropathy in three cases of whom four had long standing psoriasis, the other having ankylosing spondylitis. In the fourth case no associated arthropathy was present. A(More)
Constriction of vascular smooth muscle in response to the stimulus of raised intravascular pressure--the myogenic response--represents a positive feedback mechanism which, if unopposed, could theoretically lead to instability in the intact circulation. Dilation in response to increased intraluminal flow would provide an opposing feedback mechanism which(More)
2509 pregnant women were investigated between April 1, 1977, and March 31, 1980 (study 1), and April 1, 1980, and March 31, 1983 (study 2), to assess the effectiveness of diagnostic ultrasound in the diagnosis of neural tube defect (NTD) in women judged to be at high risk of NTD on the basis of raised serum alpha-fetoprotein or family history, or of other(More)
Three hundred and fifty-two patients have been examined by per-rectal ultrasound and histological confirmation of the diagnosis was obtained in 242 cases. Per-rectal ultrasound compared favourably with digital palpation both as a method of diagnosing prostatic cancer and also as a method of staging a primary tumour. Confirmation of the accuracy of this(More)
Thw radiological appearances found in the pelvis and hip joints in 79 patients with cerebral palsy, aged 5--16 years, have been studied. These findings have been recorded and correlated with the clinical severity and distribution of the disease. Subluxation of the hip joints was found in 14% and dislocation in a further 6%. Spasticity was the predominant(More)
A study was made of 100 cadaveric prostates (71 benign glands and 29 invaded by adenocarcinoma) using a technique that enabled per-rectal ultrasonography to be carried out and their volumes measured by computed planimetry. These volumes were compared directly with the actual volumes of the glands measured after dissection from the cadaver specimens. A high(More)
The manifestations of idiopathic steatorrhoea that bring the patient to seek medical attention are usually diarrhoea or some deficiency state such as anaemia or osteomalacia. Rarer manifestations or complications of the disease include intestinal reticulosis (Gough, Read, and Naish, 1962), hypogammaglobulinaemia (Huizenga, Wollaeger, Green, and McKenzie,(More)