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Examining the Relationship Between Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematics Performance: An Instructional Hierarchy Perspective
This study investigated the relationship between mathematics anxiety, fluency, and error rates in basic mathematical operations among college students. College students were assigned to one of twoExpand
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The 1-Minute Explicit Timing Intervention: The Influence of Mathematics Problem Difficulty
This study examined the effects of explicit timing with varying levels of mathematics tasks. Fifty-four students in the sixth-grade completed a one-step addition task (1st grade level), a three-stepExpand
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Effects Of Explicit Timing On Mathematics Problem Completion Rates In African-American Third-Grade Elementary Students.
A multiple baseline design was used to evaluate the effects of Van Houten and Thompson's (1976) explicit timing procedure on problem completion rates and accuracy levels in African-AmericanExpand
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Comparison of the Explicit Timing and Interspersal Interventions: Analysis of Problem Completion Rates, Student Preference, and Teacher Acceptability
Explicit timing and interspersal interventions were investigated using a within-subjects design with 45 third-grade students. A control assignment consisted of subtraction of a two digit number fromExpand
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Student Preference for Explicit Timing and Interspersal Procedures as a Function of Math Problem Completion Rates: Testing the Discrete Task Completion Hypothesis
A within-subjects design was used to compare explicit timing and interspersal with college students. Students were given 3 minutes to complete problems on the explicit timing assignment (25 problems,Expand
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Effects of Interspersing Additional Brief Math Problems on Student Performance and Perception of Math Assignments: Getting Students to Prefer to Do More Work
Three experiments were conducted to assess the effects of the interspersing procedure on students' mathematics performance, perceptions of mathematics assignments, and preference for mathematicsExpand
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Time of day of testing and neuropsychological performance of schizophrenic patients and healthy controls
The current project examined how time of day of neuropsychological testing influenced the performance of schizophrenic patients and healthy controls. All subjects were tested twice, once in theExpand
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