Katrina L Jackson

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6.1. C1-C15 Subunit Synthesis 3066 6.2. C1-C21 Subunit Synthesis 3066 6.3. C27-C35 Subunit Synthesis 3066 6.4. C37-C51 Subunit Synthesis 3067 7. Synthetic Work toward Halichondrin B by Burke 3068 7.1. C1-C15 Subunit Synthesis 3068 7.2. C14-C22 Subunit Synthesis 3069 7.3. Synthesis of the C22-C34(36) Subunit 3070 7.4. Synthesis of the C38-C54 Subunit 3072(More)
Two new mycolactones, mycolactones S1 and S2, were isolated from culture agar of Mycobacterium ulcerans subsp. shinshuense. Their structures were established in a three-step procedure: (1) probable structures were speculated from MS analysis; (2) candidates were synthesized; (3) HPLC profiles were established for identification of the natural products.(More)
Four corners: The syntheses of four key building blocks for the total synthesis of norhalichondrin B (see structure) are described. The assembly of these subunits into the natural product is also reported. Key features of the synthesis are the use of the Achmatowicz oxidation/ionic hydrogenation for the synthesis of pyrans and pyranopyrans, and the(More)
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