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Individuals with ASD often demonstrate difficulties with behavioural inhibition (Adams and Jarrold, 2012). This can cause individuals with ASD to exhibit socially inappropriate behaviour that may(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals gestationally exposed to alcohol experience a multitude of sociobehavioral impairments, including deficits in adaptive behaviors such as social skills. METHODS The goal of(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) experience deficits in behavior, cognition, and academic functioning resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). Although(More)
s / Int. J. Devl Neuroscience 47 (2015) 1–131 55 cerebellar hypoplasia and a significant reduction in GCP proliferation. TNCYFP-CreER; SmoF/− (SmoCKO) mice demonstrate an obvious reduction in(More)
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