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PURPOSE As multiple sclerosis (MS) often occurs in the prime of life and is unpredictable in nature, there is likely to be a strong psychological effect, with changes in values and beliefs and how the individual sees him or her self. This article presents the findings of a focus group study which aimed to explore the subjective experiences of living with,(More)
OBJECTIVE A history of childhood trauma is common in individuals who later develop psychosis. Similar neuroanatomical abnormalities are observed in people who have been exposed to childhood trauma and people with psychosis. However, the relationship between childhood trauma and such abnormalities in psychosis has not been investigated. This study aimed to(More)
PURPOSE A number of studies have found an ethnic density effect in psychotic disorders, where the incidence for ethnic minorities increases as the neighbourhood proportional ethnic composition decreases [Morgan and Hutchinson, Psychol Med 40:705-709, (2010); Singh, Psychol Med 39:1402-1403, (2009); Schofield et al., Psychol Med 41:1263-1269, (2010)].(More)
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